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My favourite gelaterias and ice cream shops in Melbourne

Let’s focus on Melbourne now. I didn’t get to try that many gelatis when I was in Melbourne because it’s usually winter when I’m there so my focus is more on the hot chocolates and cakes, but I did manage to eat a couple of good gelato when I was there. Not to mention that I think gelato prices are cheaper in Melbs than in Sydney.

You will not be surprised to find that the popular ice cream and gelati I highlighted in my earlier Sydney list is also found here – Gelato Messina recently opened in Melbourne, whereas N2 originated from Melbourne. But be sure to check out the other yummy ice cream too!


List of Gelaterias or Ice Cream Parlours in Melbroune

Jock’s Ice Cream & Sorbets

Anybody that supplies ice cream to Mamasita is a winner in my books. Huge range of flavours and super creamy.

Address: 83 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park VIC 3206
Contact: 03 9686 3838
Opening hours: Daily, noon to 10pm (late during summer)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jocks-Ice-Cream-And-Sorbet/154426657924403
Price: A$4 for one scoop, A$5 for two scoops
Try: Chocolate, Hokey Pokey, Obamarama


Fritz Gelato

If you’re into organic foods and have always lamented the lack of organic ice cream, well, Fritz will be your saviour! They serve organic ice creams and even have organic coffee and donuts to go along with the ice cream.  They have many outlets in Victoria, and have been around for ages, since 1954!

Address: Outlets at Richmond, St Kilda, South Melbourne Market and Prahran Market in South Yarra, and 2 others in Victoria
Contact: Check the website
Opening hours: 12 noon to late, or market hours for those outlets in the market
Website: http://www.fritzgelato.com/locations/
Price: A$2 up per scoop



Gelato Messina

Messina first started out in Sydney, and only opened an outlet in Melbourne recently, but from what I see, queues have been long!
Address: 237 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Opening hours: Daily, 12pm to 11pm
Website: http://www.gelatomessina.com/contact/
Price: $7 for three scoops


N2 Extreme Gelato

I don’t think there’s much I can say that I have not said in my previous post.

Address: 329 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Opening hours: Daily, 1pm to 11pm
Website: http://n2extremegelato.com.au/
Price: $6 for a small cup



Like the outlet in Sydney, try out the Asian flavours like sticky rice and lychee rose.
Address: Shop 2, 168 Bourke Street
Contact: 03 9663 0033
Opening hours: Daily 10am to midnight
Website: http://www.passionflower.com.au/
Price: $6 up per scoop



I personally have not tried this myself, but with flavours likeLemon Lime & Bitters and Caramel Pear you can be sure this is on my to-go list.

Address: A number of outlets, with the more tourist accessible ones at 381 Brunswick St, Fitzroy and another at 85 Acland St, St Kilda 3182
Contact: See website
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 11pm
Website: http://www.trampolinegelato.com.au/


Gelateria Primavera

Stepping into the store feels as if you’re in Italy eating gelato – try their traditional Italian flavours like Fior di Latte. Feel free to get some rolls and cheese while you’re there as well, at Spring Street Grocer.

Address: 157 Spring Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9639 0335
Opening hours: Daily 9am to midnight
Website: http://www.springstreetgrocer.com.au/


Helados Jauja

It’s not very often when you hear of Argentinians making ice cream, but Helados is an Argentinian ice cream shop with pretty darn good South American ice cream! Definitely try the dulce de leche, which is a typical South American flavour! If you walk up Lygon Street, you will find yourself at Casa del Gelato which is yet another prime gelato spot.

Address: 254 Lygon Street, Carlton
Contact: 03 9041 2927
Opening hours: Daily 1:45 – 10:30 pm
Website: http://www.heladosjauja.com.au/



Casa del Gelato

On my first trip to Melbourne, I met up with a bunch of primary school friends where we had pizza at +39 at Little Bourke Street, then hopped onto the bus to the “Italian Street” aka Lygon Street, and we proceeded to have gelato from Casa del Gelato. It was probably at 10pm or later in July, and we were out there in the cold having our gelato cones. It was awesome. I had the bacio and ferrero and chocolate mint and all of them hit the spot. They also have 6 flavours of soya gelati for those lactose intolerant or vegans.

Address: 163 Lygon St, Melbourne VIC 3053
Contact: 03 9347 0220
Opening hours: Daily, 12noon to midnight
Website: http://casadelgelato.com.au/Contact-us
Price: $5 for a single cone (up to 2 flavours)



A new addition to the ice cream scene in Melbourne, this gelateria is brightly coloured and sells flavours in pozettis. You can even get toppings for  your gelatos. Try their experimental flavours like coconut rice pudding! And say hi to the hot Italian men serving you gelato ;)

Address: 222 Faraday St, Carlton VIC 3053
Contact: (03) 9347 4596
Opening hours:
Website: http://pidapipo.com.au/
Price: $4.50 for a scoop, $7 for 3
Try: Hazelnut, giandujia, or unique flavours like yuzu or Vietnamese mint sorbet



The reason why this name might sound familiar is because yes, it is open in Singapore as well. Although I’m not a great fan of their pastries because I think they are not intricately made enough, their gelato doesn’t go wrong. Their pizza and biscotti is pretty good as well.

Address: 380 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053, also at 214 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact: 9347 2801
Opening hours: Daily, 6am to midnight
Website: http://brunetti.com.au/


Hello Gelo 

Yet another homemade gelateria which I have bookmarked.

Address: 15 Anderson St Yarraville VIC 3013
Contact: 90785696
Opening hours: Closed on Tuesdays, open from 10am to 9.30pm on weekends, 9.30am to 6.30pm on weekdays
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hello-Gelo/123075547718625‎
Price: $2.50 up
Try: chocolate, salted caramel



Try their gelato flavours like limoncello and snickers, and try out their cake as well!

Address: 74 Lygon St, Brunswick East, VIC 3057
Contact: 03 9388 1419
Opening hours: Daily 10am to late
Website: http://www.gelobar.com.au/
Price: $6 for 3 flavours


7 Apples

I haven’t been here myself, but I’ve seen many good things about it, especially about their chocolate/nut gelato flavours (aka my favourite type of flavours) and this is definitely a place I’ve bookmarked for my next trip.

Address: 75 Acland Street, St Kilda VIC 3182
Contact: 03 9537 3633
Opening hours: Daily from 10:30am
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/7-Apples-Gelato/111060232247094
Price: $5.30 for 2 scoops
Try: Fig pudding and mars bar


Cold Rock

People in Singapore would have heard of Cold Rock – where your ice cream is mixed with lots of candy and chocolate on a “cold rock”. They have close to 30 outlets in Victoria alone, with 1 in St Kilda and another in Docklands, ie, the places I think tourists would most likely visit, so be sure to hop by if you are dying for some of their ice cream. Check out their website here for outlet addresses, opening hours and contact.

Lick Me Ice Cream

Their ice cream is nut-free and also gluten, gelatin and wheat free. They also make also make Smash’n'Shake milkshakes which are milkshakes with mix-ins like chocolate bars etc. I’ve seen a number of mixed reviews, and I personally have not tried this.

Address: 761 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, VIC 3124; another two outlets in Bentleigh and in Sandringham.
Website: http://lickmeicecream.com.au/



Bonus non gelateria/ice cream shop:

Burch & Purchese

This is not a pure gelateria or ice cream shop but it’s definitely worth a mention. They sell ice cream in tubs and on sticks, and like their cakes, it’s awesome. They have interesting flavours and flavour combinations like their cakes – just think of magnum on steroids.  

Address: 647 Chapel St, South Yarra
Contact: 03 9827 7060
Opening hours: Daily from 10am – 6.30pm
Website: www.burchandpurchese.com/
Price: $4 for 155ml and $12 for a 500ml tub
Try: “647″, a vanilla ice cream coated with macadamia-encrusted caramelised white chocolate

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