Here’s a smiley face for the upcoming week (because I don’t have classes)
Yes, I did take the photo on top of the lid of the lock&lock container I was storing the macarons in.
I’m still quite bad at apportioning filling for the macarons because as you can see, one of the macarons above has ganache flowing out of it and the heart-shaped one doesn’t seem to have enough! And I did have a problem with matching heart-shaped shells because although I tried to pipe them uniformly, they turned out uniform BUT unsymmetrical, which meant that none of the shells actually matched one another =S And it’s pretty obvious from this close-up picture that my macarons were the teeniest bit undermixed. Btw, here’s the link to my vanilla bean macaron recipe if anyone’s looking for it!
Here’s to a ‘light heart’ this week!
I finally gave these macarons to my girlfriends when we met over Korean BBQ (2D1N Soju Bang – which was really value for money at $22 per head for a meat buffet) for our belated Valentine’s day meal and the verdict was that it was not bad =) I bet they were confused by the filling of the macaron, because it not only contained mint chocolate, it also contained little bits of my salted caramel, which made it minty and salty at the same time! (I quite like the weird combination, btw)

I always look forward to meeting my girlfriends, because like the macarons, they are the nearest and dearest friends that I’ll ever have; and my heart immediately lightens whenever I’m out with them because of the great company. On a side note, I’m definitely going to try macarons out a few more times at the very least, because I have yet to come up with a satisfactory filling/buttercream and there are a couple more variations on flavor and technique that I wanna experiment with!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. CaThY says:

    Its not easy to pipe heart shapes. I think you did well, at least better than me. I can’t even pipe a decent heart shape out~ 🙂

  2. Hi Janine! Well done on these macarons! 🙂 decided on a filling yet? The first photo looks like a bikini suit! But then again, maybe its just me. hahaha

    No classes means more baking? 🙂

  3. Janine says:

    @cathy: thanks 🙂
    @travellingfoodies: LOL I totally didn’t think of that but it does look like one, now that you’ve mentioned it. Heh i used a salted mint chocolate ganache for them – you can kinda see them from the first picture where it’s oozing out. I basically melted some chocolate, some mints and added some of my failed caramel buttercream to lighten the ganache and it tasted surprisingly good. Minty and salty at the same time!

  4. j3ss kitch3n says:

    i couldn’t even pipe a proper circle for my macs and you managed to pipe a heart shape! hehe well done!

  5. Janine says:

    @jess and cathy: you guys are way too kind! i’ve seen both of your macarons posts and the shells all look uniform and nice!

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