Yes, the sky and sea is really that blue.

This marks my first entry in Wordless Wednesday. Ironically, this post won’t be wordless because I thought to explain that I hope to make this a start of a series showcasing the travel aspect of my life – mainly the amazing places I’ve been to and things I’ve seen over the recent years. So I shall let the photo speak a thousand words on my behalf.

PS: Compressing my photo into a smaller size has made the shrubbery on the bottom right of the picture and the cliffs look a tad weird? 


  1. The clouds are gorgeous! I think you would be better of cropping of the whole shrubbery bottom half. The main theme in the photo was blue/green and the pink flowers keep pulling the eye towards them and makes you think that it looks weird.
    just my opinion though.

  2. Janine says:

    hey thanks for the critique! I’m still learning how to frame my shots properly so any comments are greatly appreciated 😀 I’ll try cropping it and reposting the result 🙂

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