As some of you might know, Melbourne has the coldest (and weirdest) weather as compared to the other Australian capital cities like Sydney or Perth. When I was in Melbourne, it was windy, and rainy, and really cold. Temperatures were in the low 10s, and the wind was so chilly that as I walked around Melbourne city, I would constantly pop into various shops to warm myself up, and every few hours, I would dream about having a cuppa hot chocolate. And that was what I did. I used the urbanspoon and tripadvisor apps on my phone, searched for a cafe selling good hot chocolate (Why would I want to waste my pounds and pennies on lousy hot chocolate, right?), and found myself at the doorstep of Chocolait.

Chokolait is located within Hub Arcade, which is on Little Collins Street – it’s the tiny street between Bourke Street (the main shopping street) and Collins Street. When I entered, there was no one in Chokolait (yet), because it was early in the morning at 9ish and I was looking for a warm respite from the cold, having explored the city since 2 hours ago. After some recommendations from Ross (he’s the long grey curly-haired owner of the place), I settled on the classic hot chocolate (right at the top of the list), but made with a mix of dark and milk Belgian chocolate.

Just what I needed – a cuppa hot chocolate to get rid of the cold!

When I commented on the lack of human traffic, Ross told me that the cafe does see quite a lot of tourists, because it is #1 on the list of restaurants in Melbourne. It is true – it was indeed because of those reviews that I headed to Chokolait over other chocolate stores like Haigh’s in Melbourne. I’ve gotta say that this is the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had in Australia and outside Belgium. It’s the perfect combination of dark and milk chocolate – the bitterness of the dark chocolate is perfectly balanced by the saccharine sweetness of the milk chocolate. The chocolate shavings on top of the hot chocolate were also the real deal – freshly shaved milk chocolate which provided a really nice mouthfeel. I could also tell that Ross and Marianne are really proud of their products – their hot chocolate is thick and viscous, not watered down like some ‘ve had elsewhere in Melbourne. While I was sitting in the cafe enjoying my hot chocolate, I also saw a number of people coming in to order their ‘hot shots’, which is basically hot chocolate, but way thicker and more viscous – so much so that you have to use a spoon to eat them! Those looked fantastic too, but I was too gelat from the hot chocolate to try anymore.

I also wanted to try their pavlova because I’d seen some awesome reviews on it, but I was so full from the hot chocolate (I’d recommend sharing the hot chocolate because it really is a tall glass full of thick chocolate liquid) that I had to skip it. I’m definitely heading back this way if I’m in Melbourne again.

A last look at my heavenly cup of chokolait

Chokolait Hub
Address: Shop 8, Hub Arcade, 318 Little Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
Contact: (03) 96396188
Opening hours: 9am-6pm daily
Price: $$ (starts from $6-$15)


  1. Indie.Tea says:

    Oo, it sounds like a delicious spot. If I make it back to Australia, I’ll be checking it out 🙂

  2. Jeannie says:

    Agreed with Indie, definitely looks good:) I love your pau post:D

  3. lena says:

    i can imagine how nice to have this during the cold winter but i dont like them to be too thick, your lens okay already? i can see that you have great photos here!

  4. shaz says:

    Oh my goodness, that looks so full on. But delicious. Keeping the place in mind for when I get a chance to visit Melbourne 🙂

  5. Janine says:

    @Indie: Do do! It’s a find!

    @Jeannie: thanks 😀

    @lena: it was too expensive to repair so i’m gonna have to buy it new!

    @shaz: yup esp if you visit Melb in winter!

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