First, I need to apologize for the belated giveaway announcement. It didn’t strike me that the date I was to make the annoucement would be new year’s eve and I would be rushing around like a headless chicken doing CNY preparation with my mom. So I’m sorry for those who participated in my giveaway…read on below for the results!

The past week, I have been a little busy with a mini dessert table order for my colleague’s housewarming, and I’m glad to report that the desserts I prepared were quite well-received! As usual, I neglect to bring a camera when doing these dessert table set-ups, and the only photos I get taken are on my phone, and even these are very hurried.

Here are some collages I made using the crappy photos I took 🙂 My colleague had an absolutely beautiful home – minimalist white contrasted with warm wood furnishings, as well as the occasional spot of red. Although the kitchen was a tad small, I liked the open concept and how it was seamlessly incorporated into the whole layout of the house. Again, as with beautiful hotel rooms, I forgot to take some photos of the lovely living area, but then again I don’t think my colleague will appreciate the breach to her privacy heh. So more about the dessert table. We knew that a few kiddies would be coming along with their parents, so my colleague wanted some cute buns (cue the pig shaped buns) which I filled with some homemade red bean paste, and some mini nutella palmiers. These are in the collage below. I particularly enjoyed this dessert table because it was the first time I got to utilize some of the props I had bought in Perth over the last Christmas, and I think the props went really well with the whole white/grey theme.

I also painstakingly designed the food tent cards (or placards or labels) that you see below. I am really much a photoshop noob, but I have always loved digital scrapbooking (even though I think I suck at it) and I love creating things. So I always think that food labels, invitation cards, stickers and such create the perfect opportunities for me to experiment and develop those limited skills. For the cards you see below, I merely used a simple grey background, with a free “dots” overlay which I tweaked, and some photoshop label brush to create the frame. Print it out on cardstock and you’re good to go :]

The gooey mess that you see is my peanut butter oreo pie, which definitely tastes better than it looks. I suspect I didn’t use enough gelatine, which was why the peanut butter mousse portion was definitely more of a mousse than a proper chilled cheesecake, but hey, it got me a new order, so who’s to complain? 😉

I also made a modified opera cake, or gateau opera. And yes, I cheated by using the same chocolate glacage on the opera cake and the peanut butter oreo pie heh. I also made my standard ‘birthday’ cake, which is composed of 4 layers of my favourite yellow cake recipe, cream cheese frosting on the inside, and a vanilla buttercream piped into roses on the outside.

For savouries, I made mini chicken pies, which I thought lacked a little spice, but everyone seemed to like it. I guess I’m a tad too used to my mom’s spicy curry. I must say that the sour cream pastry I had used as the bottom was delicious, and so was the homemade blitz puff pastry I used as the top/lattice layer. These are definitely recipes for keeping (I will post these soon!). My mom also contributed her agar agar, which I thought would be a great refreshing accompaniment to the desserts. I also made strawberry-topped cheesecakes, and some butter cakes for the guests to bring home.

So onto the giveaway results. First, thanks to those who participated! There were a total of 14 eligible entries and you guys were listed as follows:

1. Jelyn
2. Michelle Tan
3. Lee
4. Shirley
5. Shirley twitter
6. Shirley pinterest
7. Zoe
8. Zoe facebook
9. Phong Hong
10. Fern
11. Eileen
12. What’s Baking
13. Eugenia
14. Cathy

I then used to get a random number! Again, I don’t know how to paste the results here, so blind trust guys! 13 came up! So Eugenia you are the lucky winner :] Please email me asap with your details and I’ll mail it out as soon as possible. For those who didn’t win this time, don’t fret because I have yet another giveaway coming up soon!


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  1. Zoe says:

    Hi Janine,

    You made all these food for this party, all by yourself! You are truly amazing!

    Sad that I’m not lucky enough to win your giveaway… LOL!


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