Time moves slowly but passes quickly. I had forgotten that this little space of mine has turned 3 on Christmas 2013! Dang. I must admit that unlike in the first year of blogging where I produced almost 1-2 posts weekly, I have slowed down considerably for 2013. I only posted a grand total of 24 times in 2013, which translates to two posts every month *embarrassed*.

However, although I did not post that frequently last year, I do think my baking experiences for 2013 were definitely very enriched. For a start, this was a year where I actively started baking, and explored the world of ‘commercial homebaking’ as well as ‘competitive baking’. I baked more than a couple hundred of cupcakes and loaf cakes for charity and sale last year and also entered a couple of competitions with mixed success. I am pretty proud of myself for having tried new things this year! In fact, I finally overcame my fear of water to start swimming lessons! =D Below is the plated dessert I did for the Savour bake-off which I’m REALLY proud of!


I don’t really have that many posts (only 24 of them) to choose from, but I still thought I should do a mini round-up of notable posts. Here we go!


My Most Beautiful Post and The Post That I Am Most Proud Of


As usual, this was hard. I decided on these vanilla cupcakes because I loved the way I styled the cupcakes, and the way I did the frosting on the cupcakes. The frosting, a cooked flour frosting, was also my discovery of 2013, and I particularly like this frosting because it is in between a traditional buttercream and far easier to make than a swiss meringue buttercream. For those interested, this was piped using a Wilton 2D tip if I’m not wrong.


A Post Whose Success Surprised Me


I had to search Site Stats to find the stats of each posts, and to my surprise, my post of baked kale chips had a surprisingly high number of hits! I guess this is probably because of the recent trend to “eat healthy” and instead of eating baked potato chips, kale chips are definitely a good and delicious alternative!


A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved 


This would have to be my mom’s chocolate banana muffins! I’m very proud of my mom’s recipe, which I have tweaked and perfected over three years, and which I took some time to decide to post because this would be a recipe I would use in my bakery. So it makes me a little sad that this recipe did not get the attention it deserved. If you have tried this recipe, please let me know and it will make my day!

I hope to start posting recipes soon – I’ve been really busy at work recently (especially with end of year charity baking and CNY baking), so I haven’t had time to post much.

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