Un Pastiche

About Me

Who am I?

Hi I’m Janine! I first started my old blog Not the Kitchen Sink! to chronicle my forays in the kitchen. I did not always have an interest in baking, and it was only after a year of self-discovery overseas in 2009/10 that I realized that I had some interest in baking. This interest was spurred on by my Christmas present by my dearest (now husband) – a red KitchenAid, which effectively removed any mental barriers (or excuses) I initially had. Strangely enough, this mild interest in baking grew and blossomed into a passion for baking and giving, and now, I cannot imagine a time when baking was not an integral part of my life.  Although I spend much of my waking hours working in a profession which many consider to be cut-throat, I enjoy it nevertheless. As cliched as it sounds, baking is my way of relaxation, and I hope to be my own boss in the future, a boss of a quaint little cafe selling healthful and tasty baked products. This blog serves not only as an online recipe journal for the treats that you may one day see in my cafe but also as a journal chronicling my life and escapades in the kitchen.

What does “un pastiche” mean?

“Un pastiche” means “a mix” in French. I bake in a home kitchen situated in Singapore (and occasionally Malaysia)(I’m now permanently located in Sydney, Australia), baking a melange of baked products, such as breads, cakes, cookies, pastries and other desserts.