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Wholemeal Chocolate Bread Loaf with Chocolate Chips

Yes I know, my last 3 posts have been text-heavy, and picture-less – which just speaks of how lazy I have been in uploading my photos from my camera or my phone. I seriously need to invest in a SD card which allows me to upload stuff wirelessly, so that I will not have any more reason for my sloth. One other reason is of course, the fact that I’ve

The best buttery laminated pastry ever – Kouign Amann

If you asked me a couple of years ago if I would ever utter the words kouign amann (pronounced as quiee-ah-mahn) in Singapore, I would have thought you’re nuts. But well oh well, with the great number of ‘hipster’ cafes and patisseries and bakeries popping up in Singapore lately, it appears that pastries like this king of laminated pastry has made its appearance in our sunny little island. I might be a bit

Luna Park, North Sydney and Hokkaido Milk Buns with Red Bean Paste (with tangzhong)

Over the weekend I finally had time to upload photos from my CF card (containing photographs I took while I was in Sydney almost 2 months ago) onto my computer. It made me feel a little sad, because those days were so carefree and for the month I was there, it was the first time when I didn’t have to study because I had no exams sit for and there

Healthy Banana Sponge Cake-Loaf

Just a quick post this week, mainly because I haven’t been feeling well. I’m still feeling a little under the weather now, but hopefully next week I can start afresh without feeling all queasy and ill. Anyhow, work’s been pretty slow this week, so I’ve had time to think of what to bake this coming weekend. If only I had more bananas, I’d make another round of this banana cake/loaf.

Wholemeal Pizza with Pepperoni and Basil Pesto

Ever since I saw Swee San’s Christmas Giveaway post, I’ve been dying to enter because well, you stand a chance of winning Pantry Magic vouchers! How cool is that? Considering that Pantry Magic in Singapore has closed down and I was a sucker for all their stuff, and knowing the one in Bangsar is huge, I really really really wanted to enter so that I could win hope hehe.  Anyway, I had

Rose-shaped Steamed Pumpkin Bun/Mantous (南瓜馒头)

It seems like just a while ago that it was October last year, and I was struggling really hard to get back into the pace of life back in Singapore. I had been away for a year, enjoying il dolce far niente and it was hard to study again. Then, I still had not discovered the love of baking that I had within me, so attempting things what these mantous

Buttery Bread Rolls or Luo Song (罗宋面包)

The history of these buns (罗宋面包) are pretty sketchy, but from what I checked out on the Internet, there appears to be a consensus that the Luo Song bun refers to a Russian bun. Those who speak Chinese will understand that ‘Russia’ in Chinese actually does a lot like ‘Luo Song’. Based on the most detailed explanation I got off the internet and other readings here and there, this bread was probably

Steamed Bao (包子)

I returned home to Singapore yesterday, only to be greeted by heavy showers and thunder. I could see countless lightning bolts, although I couldn’t hear the thunder, and see the heavy nimbus clouds as the plane flew through them as we were about to land. Just moments before, as the plane began its descent into Singapore, the sun was setting over Malaysia and Indonesia and it really was a sight

Japanese Soft Rolls

Although I have been baking quite a bit in Sydney, experimenting with things I’ve never done before in my life, such as baking with zucchini and rhubarbs, as well as soy cream cheese, sour cream and ricotta, I have not been diligent in writing down the recipes and taking photographs :/ I have been really happy with much of the baking here, and have even (finally) tried making puff pastry, after

Cinnamon ronuts? (Cinnamon rolls made with donut dough)

The other day, I made myself some donuts. I ate a whole bunch of them, but one can only eat that many donuts, so I decided to freeze up a third of the donuts and brought it along with me back to Singapore. Like I said earlier, my mother enforces the no-frying rule in Singapore with an iron spoon, so frying donuts were not an option. I can’t say that it