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So Chinese New Year is around the corner and sadly I’m in Sydney where there’s not much fanfare about CNY 🙁 I miss listening to CNY songs at home (my mom will blast them about a month or two before CNY), eating lots of CNY cookies and bakkwa, and most of all, just soaking in the general festive atmosphere back at home. I made a whole army of cookies, not

LCB #4: Week 2 – Fruit Tarts, Mendiants, Baklava, Florentines and other cookies

Week 2 of LCB (and Week 3) has quickly flown by. I was tired to my bones during week 2, because we were moving into our new apartment and in order to save moving cost, we did most of the packing and moving ourselves! It is not really ours per se, as we just signed a one-year lease, but it will be our first place together! Previously, I was staying

Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars…and My Virgin Entry into a Baking Competition!

A very quick post this time because I’ve exciting news to share and also wanted to share some yummy cheesecake bars that I had made. First, thanks to a heads up from ZY from the Singapore Homebakers facebook group, I got to know of the Savour Bake Off competition. Call it coincidence or plain luck, because I had only recently joined the group and I had already bought tickets to

Matcha Snakes and a (Zumbo macaron kit) giveaway

I have been finding it a little hard to maintain a balance between blogging, baking for profit and of course, work. Because of the upcoming CNY and Valentine’s Day, I have been baking weekends to make enough cookies for giving away to my family, relatives and friends and to fulfill orders. In fact, I think my bout of sore throat and cough was caused by my baking, because I ‘had

[Thursday’s Trio] Blueberry Almond Cookies

For Chinese New Year, one can never have enough cookie recipes. There’s the ubiquitous pineapple tart cookies, of which I tried more than 7 recipes last year, and I’m trying a couple more new ones before deciding on my favourite few. I’m also making a number of new and interesting cookies, mainly to cater to special needs in my family. This year, I’m baking more batches of sugar-free cookies for

What I’ve been up to lately

This is probably my longest absence from the blog – the last post was in September and it’s already December! Time really flies, and I can’t wait for Christmas to arrive! I was swamped at work for the past two months, and in November, I was swamped with orders for cupcakes and cookies, thanks to the company’s charity food fair which I chose to participate in. So here’s what I’ve been

Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Saccharine sweetness is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of sugar cookies. I have never bought sugar cookies myself, but have tasted a number of them during parties where the host orders a bunch of special cookies to celebrate the occasion. I don’t recall what designs or where the cookies were bought from, but the one thing that strikes me is the sweetness, and ironically, the blandness,

Vanilla Beans and Vanilla Sugar…and the Great Ocean Road

I can finally tick off the Great Ocean Road from my ‘places to visit’ list. It’s sort of a half-tick, because I didn’t exactly manage to visit all the sights that I had wanted to visit, and we only reached Port Campbell before doing a U-turn, because reality had to butt its ugly head in and I had to rush to Melbourne CBD to get some urgent documents couriered back

Crispy Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies

Yet another one of the cookie recipes which I tried when I was on a quest for “crispy cookies which were not chocolate chip cookies”.

Sable au Chocolat or Very Good Double Chocolate Cookies

I know I’ve complained about work tons of times, but work is getting really hectic. The very nature of my work requires me to be charging clients every hour, which means that busy-ness is a good thing, but sigh. I sometimes wish I had more time to myself to bake during the weekdays because baking during the weekends is simply insufficient! Despite my lack of sleep, I couldn’t not post