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Vanilla Beans and Vanilla Sugar…and the Great Ocean Road

I can finally tick off the Great Ocean Road from my ‘places to visit’ list. It’s sort of a half-tick, because I didn’t exactly manage to visit all the sights that I had wanted to visit, and we only reached Port Campbell before doing a U-turn, because reality had to butt its ugly head in and I had to rush to Melbourne CBD to get some urgent documents couriered back

Homemade Strawberry Apple Jam, and the differences between jams, jellies, compotes, confitures, etc.

My local supermarket had quite a few offers on strawberries in the past few months, where a punnet of 454g USA or Australian strawberries were being sold for slightly less than $5. I grabbed a few punnets, partly because I was kiasu, and partly because I knew I wanted to do a ton of things with them. So far, I’ve eaten them (duh), used them as decoration on my chocolate

A little update on my homemade vanilla extract

Time really flies, it really does. I first started making own homemade vanilla extract when I started the blog, and now, my blog is already 2 months old! I still remember thinking, gosh, it’ll take ages for the vanilla extract to start smelling like a real vanilla extract. Fast forward to today, 28 February – my vanilla extract is 2 months (+2 days) old and is ready to be used! And I’ve to

My Vanilla Project – Homemade vanilla extract

Vanilla has a hand in everything – ice cream, cookies, pies, cakes and even kuehs! For a long while, I was only acquainted with vanilla essence, which my mom used in her baking. My then non-inquisitive mind never did ponder about where this vanilla thing came from, until my jaunt overseas and I found out there were more expensive things called vanilla extracts and vanilla beans! Now that I’ve been