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Doughnuts or donuts? Strawberry cake donuts

I just spent a couple hundred dollars renewing my blog domain and webhosting and I figured I should have at least one post so that I am not wasting my money on maintaining this blog. I’m just not very adept at maintaining an online presence – I struggle sometimes to even post regularly on instagram and refuse to go on snapchat because I don’t quite like the idea of oversharing

Cinnamon ronuts? (Cinnamon rolls made with donut dough)

The other day, I made myself some donuts. I ate a whole bunch of them, but one can only eat that many donuts, so I decided to freeze up a third of the donuts and brought it along with me back to Singapore. Like I said earlier, my mother enforces the no-frying rule in Singapore with an iron spoon, so frying donuts were not an option. I can’t say that it

Light-as-air Donuts

I like donuts. A lot. And I like you tiao and ‘butterfly buns’ too. I used to go for long runs just so that I could treat myself to a butterfly bun and you tiao and ham chim peng afterward. So after salivating over many a post on donuts, I decided to finally take the plunge and try my hand at making them when I knew I was going back