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So Chinese New Year is around the corner and sadly I’m in Sydney where there’s not much fanfare about CNY 🙁 I miss listening to CNY songs at home (my mom will blast them about a month or two before CNY), eating lots of CNY cookies and bakkwa, and most of all, just soaking in the general festive atmosphere back at home. I made a whole army of cookies, not

[Thursday’s Trio] Absolutely Delicious Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Finally the third instalment of Thursday’s Trio! As you might have discovered, I find it rather hard to stick to a schedule – as you might or might not have realized, I have not done my Travel Tuesdays for a long long time (the last one was about Phnom Penh in June 2011) and neither have I completed my A to Z of Australia series either. In fact, I’m only at the

[Thursday’s Trio] Multigrain Banana Loaf (with Sorghum)

There was a time, not too long ago, when my life merely revolved around white flour and wholemeal flour. Like I mentioned in my previous Thursday’s Trio post on buckwheat, it was blog surfing that introduced me to looking outside the “wheat box” and boy am I glad I did! Today’s flour of the day or Thursday’s Trio is sorghum flour, or jowar flour as it is known to many Indians.

Healthy CNY cookies #3: Gluten-free Orange-Poppy Seed Squares

Oldies are the goodies. Although I’ve been trying all sorts of newfangled recipes, be it cakes or cookies, sometimes, mom’s recipes still are the best. It may be because of the memories that we associate with the tastes, that makes it taste good, or perhaps the sheer number of generations that a single recipe has fed that makes an ‘old’ recipe good, so let’s not question it ;p For Chinese New

Arugula, Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, Feta and Fig Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

You might realize that savory dishes are few and far between on this blog. The reason being that I live with my parents, so my mom cooks for me when I’m at home, and either I’m far too lazy to whip something up for myself, or I’m way too hungry to even take out a camera. So on a rainy day when my mom wasn’t home and there was nothing in

Malaysian Monday #8: Ang Koo Kueh (红龟粿)

The bad thing about blog surfing, at any time of the day, is the food porn that greets you each time you visit a blog. I’m an extremely visual person, and am definitely susceptible to good food photos, so I try to blog surf after meals, so that I don’t get too tempted. Alas, I still do and I sure do salivate when I see my fellow bloggers’ posts –

Janine’s Failed Macaron Cake aka a Flourless Chocolate Cake made with Maca-fails

I swear by the phrase “out of adversity comes creativity”, not only because I am usually pushed by circumstances to think out of the box, but also because much of my (best) work is done when I’m facing a time crunch or other adverse situations. Just take today for example, I was craving ang koo kueh, a traditional glutinous rice treat filled with peanuts or mung beans, and since it

Homemade Strawberry Apple Jam, and the differences between jams, jellies, compotes, confitures, etc.

My local supermarket had quite a few offers on strawberries in the past few months, where a punnet of 454g USA or Australian strawberries were being sold for slightly less than $5. I grabbed a few punnets, partly because I was kiasu, and partly because I knew I wanted to do a ton of things with them. So far, I’ve eaten them (duh), used them as decoration on my chocolate

Malaysian Monday #2: Muah Chee

Posting a little early for MM, but here’s something which you can whip out in less than 10 minutes (if you have the ingredients available in your kitchen) and best thing is, it’s gluten-free! :] Muah chee is a treat right out of my childhood. I will always buy it (or rather my parents would buy it for me) when we were out and about on weekends and if we

Pink Vanilla Bean Macarons, for Valentine’s

I’ve been thinking about macarons all week along, after my successful attempt with David’s macaron recipe here for my cousins on Chinese New Year. I knew I wanted something pink, for Valentine’s, and something heart-shaped, so the only thing left was to decide on the flavor of the shell and the filling! I hemmed and hawed, and finally decided on using my vanilla beans (so that I can put the pod