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Easter Vanilla Cupcakes with Matcha Italian Meringue Buttercream

First things first – on news on the personal front, I’ve finally taken the huge step to enroll myself in patisserie school! :] It will just be for a short while, because I don’t have sufficient funds to complete the entire course which is made up of three certificates, so it’ll just be for three months. The other huge step I’ve taken of course, is to notify my employers that I

Matcha Snakes and a (Zumbo macaron kit) giveaway

I have been finding it a little hard to maintain a balance between blogging, baking for profit and of course, work. Because of the upcoming CNY and Valentine’s Day, I have been baking weekends to make enough cookies for giving away to my family, relatives and friends and to fulfill orders. In fact, I think my bout of sore throat and cough was caused by my baking, because I ‘had

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to one and all, and welcome to my new home!

What I’ve been up to lately

This is probably my longest absence from the blog – the last post was in September and it’s already December! Time really flies, and I can’t wait for Christmas to arrive! I was swamped at work for the past two months, and in November, I was swamped with orders for cupcakes and cookies, thanks to the company’s charity food fair which I chose to participate in. So here’s what I’ve been

Valentine’s Day Roundup 2012

Once again, the much-hated or much-awaited (depending on whether you’re single or attached) Valentine’s Day is here. It’s a day for girls to receive free gifts from their admirers or loved ones, and for boys to spend bucketloads of money buying roses and whatnots. For those who are very much single and available, don’t despair, because this is a day to celebrate your beautiful friendships with your friends, or to even celebrate

A Review on Pineapple Tarts – attempting 6 different recipes and many batches

I had wanted to post this yesterday, on Chap Goh Meh, or the 15th day of Chinese New Year to round up the last of my CNY themed posts, but work came up and I couldn’t finish the post in time.So here it is, one day after the last day of CNY, which is rather apt as well since this is my concluding and round-up post for all the festive

On the 9th day of Chinese New Year, I had … Cashewnut Cookies

If you check in every Singaporean or Malaysian mother’s recipe book for Chinese New Year cookies, I bet you’ll find a recipe for cashew nut cookies. These cookies are ubiquitous during Chinese New Year and I’ve never had one go past without seeing and eating these cookies. It is also mainly during this period that my mom fries up kilograms of cashew nut cookies and packs them into glass jars

Healthy CNY cookies #3: Gluten-free Orange-Poppy Seed Squares

Oldies are the goodies. Although I’ve been trying all sorts of newfangled recipes, be it cakes or cookies, sometimes, mom’s recipes still are the best. It may be because of the memories that we associate with the tastes, that makes it taste good, or perhaps the sheer number of generations that a single recipe has fed that makes an ‘old’ recipe good, so let’s not question it ;p For Chinese New

Healthy CNY cookies #2: Sugar-free (Xylitol) Chocolate Spritz Cookies

I’ve to confess that I took a long time to overcome the hurdle that is sugar. I mean, I’ve seen the evils of sugar (see this super informative video “Sugar: the Bitter Truth“) but after an epic no-sugar disaster (I tried to make no-sugar muffins using only the sweetness of fruits which failed more than majorly), I steered clear of anything labelled as no-sugar. Furthermore, I haven’t had good experiences

Healthy CNY cookies #1: Pseudo-Pineapple Tarts for Diabetics – Apple Tarts

As the Chinese New Year (CNY) draws near (it’s 23 and 24 January this year for those still in the dark – which means yet another long weekend :D) and my CNY cookie making frenzy heats up, I’ve been thinking about not only the different types of cookies I’m able to experiment with, but also cookies fit for everyone in my extended family to eat. This means that cookies fit for diabetics, celiacs,