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Travel Tuesdays: Jamie’s Italian, Sydney

With all the hype about Jamie’s Italian opening in Singapore at Vivo City (as well as in Perth earlier this year), I can’t help but be reminded of the good meal I had at Jamie’s while I was in Sydney, in the middle of last year. Yes, I know – I am always tardy with my posts, and believe me when I say that I have yet to sieve through

Beef Ragù…and a Competition Update!

Remember two posts ago, when I posted about my virgin entry into a baking competition? Well, I’m really pleased to announce that I got into the finals! There are 6 of us in the finals, which will be held on the last day of the Savour festival, 14 April. I definitely am facing some stiff competition for my trip to Paris, judging from the flyer below! Truth to be told,

Wholemeal Pizza with Pepperoni and Basil Pesto

Ever since I saw Swee San’s Christmas Giveaway post, I’ve been dying to enter because well, you stand a chance of winning Pantry Magic vouchers! How cool is that? Considering that Pantry Magic in Singapore has closed down and I was a sucker for all their stuff, and knowing the one in Bangsar is huge, I really really really wanted to enter so that I could win hope hehe.  Anyway, I had

Pizzas in Singapore #2: La Nonna

This is yet another long overdue post. Like I mentioned earlier, I was on a hunt for good pizzas in Singapore, and one of the first places I stumbled upon was this place recommended by Brad, called La Nonna, which according to him, had the best lunch promotion in Singapore. The best thing was, it was located in Holland Village, which is relatively near to where I live. Since then,

Pizzas in Singapore #1: Sole Pomodoro Pizzeria

When I think of pizza, I think of Pizza Hut and Domino’s. I remember fondly the days when I would anticipate the birthday of a family member, not because of their birthday itself, but because I knew I would get to go to Pizza Hut. Back then, our family didn’t eat out much and were not that well off, so pizza was a special treat and was only reserved for

Comfort food – Spaghetti Bolognese

I first heard of Murdoch’s 365 challenge on Ellie’s blog, and I am super excited to be part of this challenge, where cooks from all over the world are cooking through Stéphane Reynaud’s 365 Good Reasons to Sit down to Eat. This is the first of a few recipes I’m trying – it was meant for 3 June, which incidentally was my birthday (I didn’t realize it when I was

Focaccia #3: Pizza Napoletana (or Homemade Pizza with Everything on it!)

This post is long overdue. I had wanted this post to be the third installment of my Focaccia series (see focaccia genovese and the potato focaccia) and to tie up with my post on pizza in Naples, but somehow other baking got in the way and I didn’t particularly like the photos from this pizza-making since it was done in the evening for dinner and by the time the pizza

Focaccia #2: Herbed tomato focaccia di patate

As promised, this is the second installment of my focaccia series. This time, I decided to use a recipe from Nancy Harmon Jenkin’s book, Flavors of Puglia. This is a rather old book, dating to 1997, but it is a tome of recipes for anyone wanting to attempt Pugliese recipes (Puglia is at the heel of the boot of Italy, if you get what I mean). Pugliese recipes are very

Focaccia #1: Focaccia Genovese

My best friend came over to my place to bake some time ago, during our mutual free day. She isn’t one to bake bread, but she was very inspired by 제빵왕 김탁구 (King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo)! I’m sure from the name you can tell that it’s related to baking – bread specifically. It’s a typical Korean drama, with complicated sub-plots and vengeance and revenge and what not, but