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Zebra Cheesecake for Bake-Along #46

As predicted in my last post, my birthday passed without a bang. Also as predicted, I spent my birthday doing what I liked best – reading and baking. I also took a break that morning from my Atkins diet – a no-no but it was my birthday and I CBF. I ate roti prata in the morning (technically I ate 1 roti prata, 1 thosai and 1 roti tissue, shared

Luna Park, North Sydney and Hokkaido Milk Buns with Red Bean Paste (with tangzhong)

Over the weekend I finally had time to upload photos from my CF card (containing photographs I took while I was in Sydney almost 2 months ago) onto my computer. It made me feel a little sad, because those days were so carefree and for the month I was there, it was the first time when I didn’t have to study because I had no exams sit for and there

Giveaway Results and some Matcha Madeleines

As promised, here are the winners of my strawberry powder giveaway! I know some of you added me on Twitter, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the giveaway or otherwise, but because you didn’t leave a comment as per the ‘rules’, I didn’t include you in the draw. I used random.org to select the two lucky winners but the problem is I’m an IT noob and I have no

A Simple Japanese Strawberry Shortcake, and My 100th Post Milestone!

I had intended to post this yesterday, but I was utterly wiped out yesterday. This was what I wrote: Today marks a turning point in my life. In less than 12 hours, I’ll be starting work proper for the first time. No more part-time jobs, holiday attachments, long school holidays or short schooling hours. The real world starts from now on. I’m glad for internships, and I think it’s the

3-ingredient Chocolate Swiss Roll

I have a really bad habit. I tend to go grocery shopping when I’m hungry. And it’s bad because this is why – you end up buying a whole lot of groceries and stuff that you don’t need and probably won’t use until it’s reaching its expiry date. Take my desiccated coconut for example. I bought it months ago when I was grocery shopping and had my mind on eating

Basic Sponge Cake, rolled.

I’ve been rather uninspired to bake any type of cake lately, content to make muffins and cupcakes instead; but luckily for me, I took a look at Aspiring Bakers and was inspired again. This month’s theme is Swiss Rolling Good Times, and it’s the 9th edition, hosted by Lyn. I’m actually quite amazed at how our little group has grown and how active I’ve been in participating. To date, I have tried

Japanese Soft Rolls

Although I have been baking quite a bit in Sydney, experimenting with things I’ve never done before in my life, such as baking with zucchini and rhubarbs, as well as soy cream cheese, sour cream and ricotta, I have not been diligent in writing down the recipes and taking photographs :/ I have been really happy with much of the baking here, and have even (finally) tried making puff pastry, after