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LCB #1: Being a student again…and how I chose Le Cordon Bleu Sydney

I’ve had a number of queries from silent readers of my blog (hi! it’s good to know that there’s still people reading this relic) about baking school / pastry school / patisserie school, and although I won’t claim to be an expert, I can safely put in my two-cents now that I’m properly enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu Sydney! Today was Orientation day over at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney and

List of Baking Supplies Shops in Hong Kong & Kowloon

I just went to Hong Kong for a 5-day trip where all I did was eat and shop (for clothes and lots of baking supplies). If you are short of time but still want to set aside some time to visit some baking supplies shops in Hong Kong, here’s my suggestion – head over to bottom of Shanghai Street because the places on Shanghai Street close earlier, walk along the

My favourite gelaterias and ice cream shops in Melbourne

Let’s focus on Melbourne now. I didn’t get to try that many gelatis when I was in Melbourne because it’s usually winter when I’m there so my focus is more on the hot chocolates and cakes, but I did manage to eat a couple of good gelato when I was there. Not to mention that I think gelato prices are cheaper in Melbs than in Sydney. You will not be

My favourite gelaterias and ice cream shops in Central Sydney

I’m a gelato/ice cream monster. I can eat tubs of gelato/ice cream for a meal, and I even went to Florence for their annual gelato festival some years back! So it should not come as any surprise that wherever I go, I will compile a list of gelaterias or ice cream shops I want to visit, be it winter or not. In fact, here’s a secret – Jon proposed to

List of Baking Ingredients in Singapore [Names of Sugars/Sweeteners (糖类) and uses]

I first had the idea of doing up this table because I was toying with the idea of going sugar-free (another failed idea) and at the same time doing research into sugar substitutes for my diabetic family members – remember my post on sugar-free chocolate cookies? I realized that knowing about the different types of sugars available in the market helped me in my decision making. I learnt what sugars

Where to get chocolate in Malaysia [Valrhona, Barry Callebaut, Cacao Barry, etc]

Right at the start, I think I should qualify the title to state that it’s mainly just Johor Bahru (which I’m most familiar with) and a little bit of Kuala Lumpur. I’m not familiar with the other states/baking places, so I really can’t definitively say. For details of shops and prices of ingredients in Singapore, check out these two links. For shops in JB, here’s the link. Also, I thought there

Eating in Orchard Road

Because my friends and I stay at far flung corners of Singapore, Orchard Road remains the most convenient place for us to meet because it is central. And everytime we meet at Orchard, we are met with the age-old problem. Where to eat?? We always end up eating at the same few places, and I always end up googling for new places to eat. The same thing happens when relatives

List of Baking Ingredients in Singapore [Names of Flours in Mandarin, Malay and Tamil]

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. This is a slightly bastardized translation of what is perhaps the most famous star-crossed lovers play in the world – Romeo & Juliet. This quote might not have a direct link to the post, but it just popped up in my head when I was thinking of how to start off this post. My point was, in a multi-racial society such as

List of Pizza Places/Pizzerias in Singapore

Back in the day when I wasn’t so enlightened as to all things pizza, I only thought a single type of pizza existed, and that type of pizza was those served by large chain stores ubiquitous with pizza. Then came the thin-crust pizzas. And after I went to Italy, I realized how diverse the pizza culture can be. I think Americans and Italians have a different attitude towards pizza –

Valentine’s Day Roundup 2012

Once again, the much-hated or much-awaited (depending on whether you’re single or attached) Valentine’s Day is here. It’s a day for girls to receive free gifts from their admirers or loved ones, and for boys to spend bucketloads of money buying roses and whatnots. For those who are very much single and available, don’t despair, because this is a day to celebrate your beautiful friendships with your friends, or to even celebrate