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Nasi Hujan Panas (Hot Rain Rice) with Beef Rendang

My mom has been on this craze recently. Being the old woman that she is – actually she is not that old because I like to think that I’m still pretty young – but she tends to exhibit all these old women characteristics like forgetfulness, an aversion to trying new things, risk aversion, etc. I guess with age catching up on her, my mom gets more and more fearful of

Healthy CNY cookies #1: Pseudo-Pineapple Tarts for Diabetics – Apple Tarts

As the Chinese New Year (CNY) draws near (it’s 23 and 24 January this year for those still in the dark – which means yet another long weekend :D) and my CNY cookie making frenzy heats up, I’ve been thinking about not only the different types of cookies I’m able to experiment with, but also cookies fit for everyone in my extended family to eat. This means that cookies fit for diabetics, celiacs,

Malaysian Monday #8: Ang Koo Kueh (红龟粿)

The bad thing about blog surfing, at any time of the day, is the food porn that greets you each time you visit a blog. I’m an extremely visual person, and am definitely susceptible to good food photos, so I try to blog surf after meals, so that I don’t get too tempted. Alas, I still do and I sure do salivate when I see my fellow bloggers’ posts –

Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes with Melon Seeds and Lotus Paste (冰皮月饼)

I can’t believe Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us already. In fact, the actual day will be tomorrow, 12 September 2011! Time really flies, because when Mid-Autumn Festival is here, it’ll only be a while before Deepavali, my mom’s & brother’s birthday, and then Christmas! Okay, I might be getting a little ahead of myself but the point is that the days really seem to fly by when you look back

Malaysian Monday #5: Curry Puff, or Epok Epok

I tend to associate food with certain incidents or memories in my life, and this particular food is no different. I still remember the mornings when I would hear this little Malay boy walking across the back alleys on our rows of houses, shouting/singing a tune which till today, I can sing: “kuih kuih, nasi lemak“. This phrase was then repeated a million times as he walked from one house

Steamed Bao (包子)

I returned home to Singapore yesterday, only to be greeted by heavy showers and thunder. I could see countless lightning bolts, although I couldn’t hear the thunder, and see the heavy nimbus clouds as the plane flew through them as we were about to land. Just moments before, as the plane began its descent into Singapore, the sun was setting over Malaysia and Indonesia and it really was a sight

[$20 Budget Meal] Mee Hoon Kuay (面粉馃)

Also known as Ban Mian (板面),  Mee Hoon Kuay (or Kueh) (面粉馃) can also be called handmade or hand-pulled noodles. Actually, there is a difference between ban mian and mee hoon kuay – ban mian is the Chinese version of fettucini (in my opinion) – ie, it is made with long and evenly cut strips of dough whereas mee hoon kuay has dough which is torn by hand, and is characterized

Moist Chocolate Cake, steamed.

So I’m finally back in Singapore after a 17-day volunteer trip to Cambodia, specifically, Phnom Penh. The trip was extremely fruitful, to say the least. I managed to do a spot of shopping, and visited the Angkor Wat as well (which was spectacular). Not only did I immerse myself in Khmer food for 17 days, I even had the privilege of cooking AND baking for 150+ people! I’ll definitely post

Malaysian Monday #2: Muah Chee

Posting a little early for MM, but here’s something which you can whip out in less than 10 minutes (if you have the ingredients available in your kitchen) and best thing is, it’s gluten-free! :] Muah chee is a treat right out of my childhood. I will always buy it (or rather my parents would buy it for me) when we were out and about on weekends and if we

Malaysian Monday #1: Apam Balik/ Min Jiang Kuih

I suddenly was craving apam balik a few days back, so I googled and found myself on Lily’s blog. Her blog is a veritable trove of Malaysian/Singaporean dishes, and she even had three variations of apam balik! Min Jiang Kuih is typically thicker and you can tell from the name that it’s the Chinese version – this is the version that is selling in Jollibean and Mr. Bean – the