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Happy Birthday to Me…a No-bake Snickers Icebox Cake

Today’s technically not my birthday, because for sure I wouldn’t want to be posting on my blog on my birthday when I can be doing so many other things…like baking and eating and reading and plain lazing around. The four things I mentioned are perhaps the things I love to do most, not in order of preference of course. This year I am marking an important birthday…because I will be

Steamed Banana Cupcakes

Only now do I understand the joys of public holidays falling on a Monday or a Friday because it means long weekends yo! A few days ago on Monday, I was thinking that three days is a lot of time to bake, but was struck by sudden inspiration to head up north to KL! I asked my brother if he wanted to and lo and behold, a plan was formulated within

[Thursday’s Trio] Buckwheat Pancakes

Today I thought I’d perhaps rewind a bit and talk about how I got started with experimenting with gluten free and other non-wheat flours. (This is partly because I realized I’ve yet to post photos of these buckwheat pancakes and also because I didn’t have my camera this week to take any new photos.) As I was typing out today’s post, I also decided that I shall name this new

Malaysian Monday #8: Ang Koo Kueh (红龟粿)

The bad thing about blog surfing, at any time of the day, is the food porn that greets you each time you visit a blog. I’m an extremely visual person, and am definitely susceptible to good food photos, so I try to blog surf after meals, so that I don’t get too tempted. Alas, I still do and I sure do salivate when I see my fellow bloggers’ posts –

Malaysian Monday #7: Non-baked Chinese BBQ Pork, or Char Siew (蜜汁叉烧)

The irony of this dish is that char siew literally means ‘fork roast’ in chinese, which is an allusion to how it was traditionally made – long strips of pork skewered on long pronged forks and then roasted over a charcoal fire; for this rendition of char siew however, I have opted to go with a non-bake method, which is essentially cooking it down on a stovetop, in a normal

Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes with Melon Seeds and Lotus Paste (冰皮月饼)

I can’t believe Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us already. In fact, the actual day will be tomorrow, 12 September 2011! Time really flies, because when Mid-Autumn Festival is here, it’ll only be a while before Deepavali, my mom’s & brother’s birthday, and then Christmas! Okay, I might be getting a little ahead of myself but the point is that the days really seem to fly by when you look back

Fluffy Pancakes III

Classes have been coming hard and fast these few weeks. Tons of tutorials to be done, assignments to be handed in, etc. After I finish tutorial at 8pm and arrive home at about 9pm, I find that I have virtually no energy to do any more work, needless to say any baking. Nevertheless, weekends are left for baking, or rather Saturdays are, and Sundays are for some work and reading

Fluffy Pancakes II

My friend had been craving pancakes for some time, and I wanted to try out a new pancake recipe, which was perfect – she came over to my place early in the morning, so that we could get started on making some pancakes for our breakfast! This pancake recipe is unique in the sense that it requires whipped egg whites. It also uses milk and not buttermilk or sour cream, which

Steamed Bao (包子)

I returned home to Singapore yesterday, only to be greeted by heavy showers and thunder. I could see countless lightning bolts, although I couldn’t hear the thunder, and see the heavy nimbus clouds as the plane flew through them as we were about to land. Just moments before, as the plane began its descent into Singapore, the sun was setting over Malaysia and Indonesia and it really was a sight

Moist Chocolate Cake, steamed.

So I’m finally back in Singapore after a 17-day volunteer trip to Cambodia, specifically, Phnom Penh. The trip was extremely fruitful, to say the least. I managed to do a spot of shopping, and visited the Angkor Wat as well (which was spectacular). Not only did I immerse myself in Khmer food for 17 days, I even had the privilege of cooking AND baking for 150+ people! I’ll definitely post