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Really Good Chocolate Multigrain Pancakes

Sometimes, I’m obsessive compulsive to the point that even I get sick of myself, literally. I usually try variations on a single recipe and different recipes relating to the same thing for days on end until I satisfy myself that the recipe is the one I want as my “to go to” recipe, or the one recipe I’m willing to replicate to eat for the immediate future. Just take bread

[Thursday’s Trio] Buckwheat Pancakes

Today I thought I’d perhaps rewind a bit and talk about how I got started with experimenting with gluten free and other non-wheat flours. (This is partly because I realized I’ve yet to post photos of these buckwheat pancakes and also because I didn’t have my camera this week to take any new photos.) As I was typing out today’s post, I also decided that I shall name this new

Fluffy Pancakes III

Classes have been coming hard and fast these few weeks. Tons of tutorials to be done, assignments to be handed in, etc. After I finish tutorial at 8pm and arrive home at about 9pm, I find that I have virtually no energy to do any more work, needless to say any baking. Nevertheless, weekends are left for baking, or rather Saturdays are, and Sundays are for some work and reading

Fluffy Pancakes II

My friend had been craving pancakes for some time, and I wanted to try out a new pancake recipe, which was perfect – she came over to my place early in the morning, so that we could get started on making some pancakes for our breakfast! This pancake recipe is unique in the sense that it requires whipped egg whites. It also uses milk and not buttermilk or sour cream, which

Malaysian Monday #1: Apam Balik/ Min Jiang Kuih

I suddenly was craving apam balik a few days back, so I googled and found myself on Lily’s blog. Her blog is a veritable trove of Malaysian/Singaporean dishes, and she even had three variations of apam balik! Min Jiang Kuih is typically thicker and you can tell from the name that it’s the Chinese version – this is the version that is selling in Jollibean and Mr. Bean – the

Valentine’s Day Roundup

As Valentine’s Day rounds the corner, the blogosphere is inundated, really, with posts about Valentine food and gift ideas. I like looking at “food porn”, plus I do like the inspiration which comes to my mind when looking at these imaginative and creative food creations, so I decided to do my very first Valentine’s Day Food Roundup for this blog =) These are a few ideas, food ones of course,

Fluffy Pancakes

This will probably be my last post of the year 2010. Though the blog is still young, I’m bursting with ideas and the oomph to bake has not died out (yet). Hopefully I will be able to venture into baking other things before I start school proper, especially since CNY is coming up and I’ll have many more guinea pigs to test on soon. So, Happy New Year, to the

Strictly Pancakes

Reminiscent of Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney, Strictly Pancakes is the first dedicated pancake establishment in Singapore. Jon and I decided to eat there since he had an errand to run nearby. Jon decided on the DIY pancakes, which allows you first to select the stack size – you have a choice of 2,3 or 4 pancakes, followed by a choice of type of butter (salted, unsalted, garlic&herb or