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List of Pizza Places/Pizzerias in Singapore

Back in the day when I wasn’t so enlightened as to all things pizza, I only thought a single type of pizza existed, and that type of pizza was those served by large chain stores ubiquitous with pizza. Then came the thin-crust pizzas. And after I went to Italy, I realized how diverse the pizza culture can be. I think Americans and Italians have a different attitude towards pizza –

Wholemeal Pizza with Pepperoni and Basil Pesto

Ever since I saw Swee San’s Christmas Giveaway post, I’ve been dying to enter because well, you stand a chance of winning Pantry Magic vouchers! How cool is that? Considering that Pantry Magic in Singapore has closed down and I was a sucker for all their stuff, and knowing the one in Bangsar is huge, I really really really wanted to enter so that I could win hope hehe.  Anyway, I had

Pizzas in Singapore #2: La Nonna

This is yet another long overdue post. Like I mentioned earlier, I was on a hunt for good pizzas in Singapore, and one of the first places I stumbled upon was this place recommended by Brad, called La Nonna, which according to him, had the best lunch promotion in Singapore. The best thing was, it was located in Holland Village, which is relatively near to where I live. Since then,

Pizzas in Singapore #1: Sole Pomodoro Pizzeria

When I think of pizza, I think of Pizza Hut and Domino’s. I remember fondly the days when I would anticipate the birthday of a family member, not because of their birthday itself, but because I knew I would get to go to Pizza Hut. Back then, our family didn’t eat out much and were not that well off, so pizza was a special treat and was only reserved for

Focaccia #3: Pizza Napoletana (or Homemade Pizza with Everything on it!)

This post is long overdue. I had wanted this post to be the third installment of my Focaccia series (see focaccia genovese and the potato focaccia) and to tie up with my post on pizza in Naples, but somehow other baking got in the way and I didn’t particularly like the photos from this pizza-making since it was done in the evening for dinner and by the time the pizza

Travel Tuesdays #1 – Pizza Napoletana, from Napoli

Pizza Napoletana, from Sorbillo – check out the lovely thick cornicione (crust) omg! I’ve decided to abandon the Wordless Wednesdays endeavour – yup it was really short-lived BUT I’ve decided to start my very own Travel Tuesdays! I was very privileged to spend a year traveling around Europe a while back, and it was a year well spent, even though my bank account is quite bare now. Because I’ve been