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LCB #1: Being a student again…and how I chose Le Cordon Bleu Sydney

I’ve had a number of queries from silent readers of my blog (hi! it’s good to know that there’s still people reading this relic) about baking school / pastry school / patisserie school, and although I won’t claim to be an expert, I can safely put in my two-cents now that I’m properly enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu Sydney! Today was Orientation day over at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney and

3 years on… and some reflections

Time moves slowly but passes quickly. I had forgotten that this little space of mine has turned 3 on Christmas 2013! Dang. I must admit that unlike in the first year of blogging where I produced almost 1-2 posts weekly, I have slowed down considerably for 2013. I only posted a grand total of 24 times in 2013, which translates to two posts every month *embarrassed*. However, although I did

What I’ve been up to lately

I know that I have not been particularly prompt with updates ever since I started work (come 1 August it would be the start of my 2nd year working) but do catch me on my instagram (@unpastiche) if you have not already done so. I post quite regularly there, mostly of my daily food-scapades as well as my weekly bakes. For those who don’t follow me on instagram, well, here’s

Beef Ragù…and a Competition Update!

Remember two posts ago, when I posted about my virgin entry into a baking competition? Well, I’m really pleased to announce that I got into the finals! There are 6 of us in the finals, which will be held on the last day of the Savour festival, 14 April. I definitely am facing some stiff competition for my trip to Paris, judging from the flyer below! Truth to be told,

Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars…and My Virgin Entry into a Baking Competition!

A very quick post this time because I’ve exciting news to share and also wanted to share some yummy cheesecake bars that I had made. First, thanks to a heads up from ZY from the Singapore Homebakers facebook group, I got to know of the Savour Bake Off competition. Call it coincidence or plain luck, because I had only recently joined the group and I had already bought tickets to

One Year On

Merry Christmas everyone! Although Christmas this year was a subdued affair, we celebrated by having roast chicken instead of roast turkey, coupled with delicious roast vegetables and a homely mushroom soup. All very simple, but delicious all the same. I also made a chocolate log cake, again with my 3-ingredient sponge rolled up with whipped cream and topped with chocolate ganache. My family no longer exchange gifts, because it’s usually a waste of

Some Instagram updates

I’ve been busy baking lately, but have been too lazy to take proper photographs or blog about them. And after looking through my iPhone albums, I decided to post up some of my instagram photos to remember what I’ve been up to. These photographs are taken with Instagram, which is an awesome app, and I’m quite a fan of instagram, because I often find myself without a proper camera and

Travel Tuesdays #7 – Paris of the East: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

It’s Tuesday again (time really flies), and today is exactly 2 weeks since I’ve left Phnom Penh (pronounced as per-nom pen in Khmer) and slightly more than a week since I set foot down under. Today I’ll be covering just 2 places of note in Phnom Penh – the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, otherwise known as the S-21 Prison, and the Choeung Ek Killing fields – both of which are

I’ll be back, very shortly!

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been really productive – I’ve been to Perth and had North African cuisine, then to Melbourne where I went crazy with all the cakes that the city had to offer – I can safely say that I’ve eaten at most of the food blogger-recommended places and then some. I’m now in Sydney, where I’m finally able to not live

Three months on + a fragrant [vanilla bean] giveaway!

Boy I finally got a breather after a few weeks of intense reports, assignments, presentations and what-nots. Finally managed to indulge in some baking after having churned out more than 10,000 worth of words, and I only have one last report left to do before it’s time for the long-awaited exams! It’s long awaited because I’ve 2 full months of holidaying waiting for me after that =D I just took