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Heart-shaped Chocolate Chiffon Cake for Valentine’s Day

Starting again is always the hardest. It’s been some time since I buckled down to taking photographs of what I was baking and posted a recipe. If you have been following my blog, a real big thank you to you, because I know the past few posts have not been about recipes, and super text-heavy. In fact, the last post which shared a recipe was the Brownie Mosaic Japanese Cheesecake,

World Peace Cookies

I initially wanted to make these World Peace Cookies for Valentine’s Day, but got too busy over the weekend and so only managed to make these only recently. These are by far my favorite salted chocolate cookie and from the many praises that I’ve received from family and friends (I managed to wrangle 2 hard-earned praises from my brother and mother), I know for sure that this is a keeper.

Valentine’s Day Roundup

As Valentine’s Day rounds the corner, the blogosphere is inundated, really, with posts about Valentine food and gift ideas. I like looking at “food porn”, plus I do like the inspiration which comes to my mind when looking at these imaginative and creative food creations, so I decided to do my very first Valentine’s Day Food Roundup for this blog =) These are a few ideas, food ones of course,

Strawberry yogurt cake, with fresh strawberries and strawberry whipped cream

I found it a pain to write this blog post, as well as a few others that I was drafting – because I was writing out the recipes and back stories to the recipes when my dear old Mac decided to crash on me, after 3 years of loyal service. Suffice to say, I now have it rebooted, but I have also lost all my associated documents and photographs. Thank