Un Pastiche


Why should I order from un pastiche?

You can customize any part of your order. If you order a minimum of S$100 with a lead time of minimum 1 month, you will even have the option of sampling the chosen product and tailoring the product to your preferences, with no extra charge. For instance, a customer ordering a moist butter cake for 200 pax was able to tailor her order – the moist vanilla butter cake eventually became a browned butter, chocolate chip studded vanilla butter cake.

What kind of customizations do you offer?

All our products are fully customisable. This means that you can customize anything, beginning from the types of ingredients used, the taste, size and design of the finished product. In terms of ingredients, the following options are offered:

  • Organic: All products can be made 100% organic. This means that every ingredient that goes into your order will be certified organic by the relevant authorities. This will include organic butter, eggs, flour, milk and sugar. Kosher salt will be used in all organic baking. Ingredients can also be made with Fair Trade ingredients.
  • Egg-free: Suitable for persons who are allergic to egg whites or egg yolks.
  • Dairy-free (or casein free): No milk products (butter, cream, yogurt) will be used. You can opt for the option of using rice, soy or almond milk. Alternatively, organic goat’s milk can be used as well (not that this is not a dairy-free option).
  • Sugar-free: Products can be made refined sugar-free and diabetic friendly if required. Diabetic friendly products are typically made with xylitol, but you may choose the option of agave nectar, brown rice syrup or stevia.
  • Vegan: Separate baking equipment will be used to handle vegan baking. No animal products or animal by-products will be used in vegan products. Vegan butter (Earth balance or other similar products) or coconut oil will be used where appropriate, together with almond/soy milk and egg replacers, if required. Any chocolate used will not contain any dairy products.
  • Soy-free: Most of our products are soy-free, but let us know if you are sensitive to soy and we will take extra care to sterilize the baking area and to make sure that the product is safe for you to consume!

 At present, we offer products which do not include nuts. Other products with nuts do not have the option of being nut-free because of the risk of contamination.

Our Ingredients

All our products are chemicals and preservative-free. Even if you do opt for a non-organic product, the baking powder that may be used in the product will be homemade, organic, and most importantly, aluminium free. Any colouring used will be natural (with the exception of any black coloring used) and any extracts (such as vanilla or almond extracts) required will be organic and/or homemade. Yeast, if required, will be natural yeast (otherwise known as levain or sourdough).

We use raw sugar in all our products, and if requested, we are able to substitute a wide range of organic sugars (which includes Demerara/Muscovado/Turbinado sugar).

Most of the flour used in our products are unbleached, and can be organic. We are unable to offer an unbleached version of cake/pastry flour at the moment. However, you may choose to substitute wholemeal cake/pastry flours.

Do you sell gluten-free products?

We are able to bake products which are wheat-free and gluten-free. However, do note that because these products are baked in an environment where flours with gluten are handled and while all effort is made to sterilize the environment, there still remains a possibility of contamination. As such, we advise that people with life-threatening allergies should avoid these gluten-free products. We do however welcome individuals who are opting to try out a gluten-free product or without gluten sensitivities to try out our gluten-free products.

Are your products Halal?

Our products are not certified Halal but no pork or lard is used in the baked goods. However, our homemade vanilla extract makes use of alcohol and there may be alcohol used in some of our baked products, such as pies and tarts. Do enquire for more details.

How long can I keep the products?

As our products do not contain chemicals or preservatives, their shelf life will be relatively shorter, as compared to other commercially made goods. Butter cakes are best consumed within 3 days of purchase, and we recommend that they be stored in refrigerated conditions to ensure freshness of product. Cookies may be kept in an airtight container at room temperature for up to a month. As different products have different lifespans, you will find details on consumption and storage of your chosen product on a label that comes together with your product.

Will my cake look exactly like the sample photos on your website?

While all effort is made to ensure that the products you receive are uniform, because all products are individually handmade, the final design and appearance of the product you receive may vary slightly.