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Matcha Snakes and a (Zumbo macaron kit) giveaway

I have been finding it a little hard to maintain a balance between blogging, baking for profit and of course, work. Because of the upcoming CNY and Valentine’s Day, I have been baking weekends to make enough cookies for giving away to my family, relatives and friends and to fulfill orders. In fact, I think my bout of sore throat and cough was caused by my baking, because I ‘had

A to Z of Australia: A is for Adriano Zumbo

As promised, I shall start with my Australia oriented travelogue, going down the alphabet as I recount my foodscapades and experiences :]  To start, I have Adriano Zumbo. I’m not sure how many Singaporeans or Malaysians know about him, but he’s the cute young bald chef who appears sporadically in Australia’s Masterchef, and his appearance never fails to bring trepidation in the hearts of those Masterchef hopefuls, because they know