Un Pastiche

LCB #4: Week 2 – Fruit Tarts, Mendiants, Baklava, Florentines and other cookies

Week 2 of LCB (and Week 3) has quickly flown by. I was tired to my bones during week 2, because we were moving into our new apartment and in order to save moving cost, we did most of the packing and moving ourselves! It is not really ours per se, as we just signed a one-year lease, but it will be our first place together! Previously, I was staying

Sable au Chocolat or Very Good Double Chocolate Cookies

I know I’ve complained about work tons of times, but work is getting really hectic. The very nature of my work requires me to be charging clients every hour, which means that busy-ness is a good thing, but sigh. I sometimes wish I had more time to myself to bake during the weekdays because baking during the weekends is simply insufficient! Despite my lack of sleep, I couldn’t not post