Un Pastiche

One-bowl Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes

Today’s a very special day for me, because it’s my mom’s 50th birthday =D Happy Birthday Mummy – may you look younger as the days go by and have less worries because I’m going to start work soon and you’ll have more pocket money (from me) soon hehe ;p Although reaching the big five-oh is a pretty big deal, we didn’t celebrate much, because it was a weekday and with

Homemade Strawberry Apple Jam, and the differences between jams, jellies, compotes, confitures, etc.

My local supermarket had quite a few offers on strawberries in the past few months, where a punnet of 454g USA or Australian strawberries were being sold for slightly less than $5. I grabbed a few punnets, partly because I was kiasu, and partly because I knew I wanted to do a ton of things with them. So far, I’ve eaten them (duh), used them as decoration on my chocolate