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Cream Scones, (and the difference between scones, biscuits and rock buns)

My blogging seems punctuated with these bursts of energy where, after reading posts of others such as a colleague who actively blogs, I feel like I should post. After all, I do not lack for photos and content in my posts, considering the amount of backlog I have. These scones have been a regular on my ‘Australian’ repertoire for some time. Yes, I do have an Australian repertoire and a

Giveaway winner…and some updates

First, I need to apologize for the belated giveaway announcement. It didn’t strike me that the date I was to make the annoucement would be new year’s eve and I would be rushing around like a headless chicken doing CNY preparation with my mom. So I’m sorry for those who participated in my giveaway…read on below for the results! The past week, I have been a little busy with a

Luna Park, North Sydney and Hokkaido Milk Buns with Red Bean Paste (with tangzhong)

Over the weekend I finally had time to upload photos from my CF card (containing photographs I took while I was in Sydney almost 2 months ago) onto my computer. It made me feel a little sad, because those days were so carefree and for the month I was there, it was the first time when I didn’t have to study because I had no exams sit for and there

Pink Ombré Strawberry Shortcake

I have been rather remiss in posting this past few weeks. If you noticed, the last post didn’t have any pictures and the previous one on Levain Boulangerie consisted of photographs taken way back during Vesak. The ironic thing is that although I’ve been baking rather diligently the past few weeks (for a colleague who is my first huge (and paying) customer), I’ve been way too lazy to whip out the camera

Chocolate Layer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

I’m quite a horrible procrastinator. I remember almost a year ago, seeing similar entries on Lena, Zoe and Joyce’s blogs, and then realizing that they were doing a small bake-along where all three of them would try the same recipe and post them on the same day. This Bake-Along was very useful for people like me, because I am usually hesitant to try new recipes, but with three different opinions from three bakers saying that

Green Ombre Pandan Chiffon Layered Cake

I have been in a blogging rut of sorts this past week. No oomph to post anything even though I have got a couple of recipes that I’ve tried later that I should blog about. The other reason is work I guess. I’ve been going home at about 10pm everyday, which means I’ve only got energy left to bathe and sleep when I get home. Even exercise plans have been

Ferrero Macarons for Macaron du Jour

Today’s Jour du Macaron or Macaron Day in France, and a couple of other places around the world. If you’ve never heard of Macaron Day, well now you have. It’s created by none other than Pierre Hermé, in a collaboration with members of the Association Relais Desserts to raise awareness for a charity. This year, the charity is Autistes sans frontiers, or Autism without Frontiers. What happens is that you

Mom’s Birthday 4-layered Strawberry Cake with Whipped Cream and Strawberry Jam

Before I begin my long spiel, HAPPY 2012 everyone! And hurray for the long weekend ;p This post is actually a timed post, because as I speak, I probably am having the time of my life shopping and eating, whilst taking a well-deserved break overseas. Anyway, Christmas weekend came and went rather quickly, and with work and all, I haven’t been taking nice photographs of what I’ve been baking recently. I actually wanted

Pink Salted Caramel Macarons for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This post has been long in the making. Like 8 months kinda long. Ever since my first post on macarons more than half a year ago, I’ve been making macarons on and off, experiencing more failures than successes. I’m experimented with technique, temperature, equipment, ingredients and a whole lot of other variables, and have come to the conclusion that macarons are indeed iffy little creatures and having a humid and

Price Comparison of [some] Baking Ingredients in Baking Supplies Shops across Singapore

When I first posted THIS list of baking supplies stores in Singapore, I never imagined that it would be one of the most popular posts on this blog. I’m happy that it is, because it means that my list is of use to other people who may be on the search of certain baking products/goods/ingredients in certain places. Do check out the updated list – I’ve updated it with some additional places,