Un Pastiche

Travel Tuesdays #3 – Still in Hvar, Croatia + Giveaway winner!

First, I’d like to thank everyone who kindly left a comment in my vanilla bean giveaway. I was delighted by all the suggestions made by everyone. Using the random word generator, I found myself a winner! I was thinking if I should printscreen the results of the word generator, but I thought nah, since this is a small giveaway and rather informal anyways. I’ve to admit that coincidentally, the result

Three months on + a fragrant [vanilla bean] giveaway!

Boy I finally got a breather after a few weeks of intense reports, assignments, presentations and what-nots. Finally managed to indulge in some baking after having churned out more than 10,000 worth of words, and I only have one last report left to do before it’s time for the long-awaited exams! It’s long awaited because I’ve 2 full months of holidaying waiting for me after that =D I just took