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Green Ombre Pandan Chiffon Layered Cake

I have been in a blogging rut of sorts this past week. No oomph to post anything even though I have got a couple of recipes that I’ve tried later that I should blog about. The other reason is work I guess. I’ve been going home at about 10pm everyday, which means I’ve only got energy left to bathe and sleep when I get home. Even exercise plans have been

A Review on Pineapple Tarts – attempting 6 different recipes and many batches

I had wanted to post this yesterday, on Chap Goh Meh, or the 15th day of Chinese New Year to round up the last of my CNY themed posts, but work came up and I couldn’t finish the post in time.So here it is, one day after the last day of CNY, which is rather apt as well since this is my concluding and round-up post for all the festive

On the 9th day of Chinese New Year, I had … Cashewnut Cookies

If you check in every Singaporean or Malaysian mother’s recipe book for Chinese New Year cookies, I bet you’ll find a recipe for cashew nut cookies. These cookies are ubiquitous during Chinese New Year and I’ve never had one go past without seeing and eating these cookies. It is also mainly during this period that my mom fries up kilograms of cashew nut cookies and packs them into glass jars