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Healthy CNY cookies #3: Gluten-free Orange-Poppy Seed Squares

Oldies are the goodies. Although I’ve been trying all sorts of newfangled recipes, be it cakes or cookies, sometimes, mom’s recipes still are the best. It may be because of the memories that we associate with the tastes, that makes it taste good, or perhaps the sheer number of generations that a single recipe has fed that makes an ‘old’ recipe good, so let’s not question it ;p For Chinese New

Sicilian Orange Cupcakes

I made these some time ago, while I was studying for my exams. This will be the first of my many backlog posts, because I baked like a mad woman while I was studying – baking de-stresses me really well, especially if I’m making bread. I find that the repetitive motions of creaming butter with sugar, and mixing flour into the batter soothing and helpful for emptying thoughts. I first