Un Pastiche

Malaysian Monday #5: Curry Puff, or Epok Epok

I tend to associate food with certain incidents or memories in my life, and this particular food is no different. I still remember the mornings when I would hear this little Malay boy walking across the back alleys on our rows of houses, shouting/singing a tune which till today, I can sing: “kuih kuih, nasi lemak“. This phrase was then repeated a million times as he walked from one house

Focaccia #2: Herbed tomato focaccia di patate

As promised, this is the second installment of my focaccia series. This time, I decided to use a recipe from Nancy Harmon Jenkin’s book, Flavors of Puglia. This is a rather old book, dating to 1997, but it is a tome of recipes for anyone wanting to attempt Pugliese recipes (Puglia is at the heel of the boot of Italy, if you get what I mean). Pugliese recipes are very