Un Pastiche

Heart-shaped Chocolate Chiffon Cake for Valentine’s Day

Starting again is always the hardest. It’s been some time since I buckled down to taking photographs of what I was baking and posted a recipe. If you have been following my blog, a real big thank you to you, because I know the past few posts have not been about recipes, and super text-heavy. In fact, the last post which shared a recipe was the Brownie Mosaic Japanese Cheesecake,

Tricolor Chocolate Ogura Cake (三色巧克力相思蛋糕) or ‘Xiangsi’ cake

This is perhaps a very delayed post considering that I baked this some time ago when there was a fad to make this Ogura or Xiangsi cake on the local blogosphere but well, better late than never! Work is gradually slowing down, which is fantastic, because I will be going on leave from 21 December for a short holiday to clear leave (and to relax)! This will be my first Christmas

Pink Ombré Strawberry Shortcake

I have been rather remiss in posting this past few weeks. If you noticed, the last post didn’t have any pictures and the previous one on Levain Boulangerie consisted of photographs taken way back during Vesak. The ironic thing is that although I’ve been baking rather diligently the past few weeks (for a colleague who is my first huge (and paying) customer), I’ve been way too lazy to whip out the camera

Healthy Banana Sponge Cake-Loaf

Just a quick post this week, mainly because I haven’t been feeling well. I’m still feeling a little under the weather now, but hopefully next week I can start afresh without feeling all queasy and ill. Anyhow, work’s been pretty slow this week, so I’ve had time to think of what to bake this coming weekend. If only I had more bananas, I’d make another round of this banana cake/loaf.

A Simple Japanese Strawberry Shortcake, and My 100th Post Milestone!

I had intended to post this yesterday, but I was utterly wiped out yesterday. This was what I wrote: Today marks a turning point in my life. In less than 12 hours, I’ll be starting work proper for the first time. No more part-time jobs, holiday attachments, long school holidays or short schooling hours. The real world starts from now on. I’m glad for internships, and I think it’s the

Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes (北海道戚風蛋糕), and how to get to JB

I’ve had a number of emails asking me about how to go to JB, or specifically, how to get to certain baking shops in JB. As much as I love Malaysia, I must admit that public transport options in JB are pretty sucky, and taking buses to these baking shops I’ve listed can be quite a feat/hassle – since the bus stops are not exactly near those places (you have

3-ingredient Chocolate Swiss Roll

I have a really bad habit. I tend to go grocery shopping when I’m hungry. And it’s bad because this is why – you end up buying a whole lot of groceries and stuff that you don’t need and probably won’t use until it’s reaching its expiry date. Take my desiccated coconut for example. I bought it months ago when I was grocery shopping and had my mind on eating

Basic Sponge Cake, rolled.

I’ve been rather uninspired to bake any type of cake lately, content to make muffins and cupcakes instead; but luckily for me, I took a look at Aspiring Bakers and was inspired again. This month’s theme is Swiss Rolling Good Times, and it’s the 9th edition, hosted by Lyn. I’m actually quite amazed at how our little group has grown and how active I’ve been in participating. To date, I have tried