Un Pastiche

Wholemeal Bread Rolls, using tangzhong (汤种全麦面包)

I’m a person of contradiction, on one hand, I really like order and neatness (in terms of how I put my things, have folders for various things, etc) and yet my mom can attest to my lack of order, especially in my bedroom. I’m the same baking wise, for certain recipes, I’m quite the stickler for following instructions to a T, and for others, I just go by feel, which

Japanese Soft Rolls (tangzhong method)

Writing the first entry for my virgin food blog is harder than I thought it would be. First, I had to decide which pictures made the final cut, and considering how much I fumble around in the kitchen, there weren’t a great variety of photographs to choose from. Then, I had to edit some of the photos because of the white balance; and finally, the actual crafting of this blog