Un Pastiche

Sable au Chocolat or Very Good Double Chocolate Cookies

I know I’ve complained about work tons of times, but work is getting really hectic. The very nature of my work requires me to be charging clients every hour, which means that busy-ness is a good thing, but sigh. I sometimes wish I had more time to myself to bake during the weekdays because baking during the weekends is simply insufficient! Despite my lack of sleep, I couldn’t not post

Valentine’s Day Roundup 2012

Once again, the much-hated or much-awaited (depending on whether you’re single or attached) Valentine’s Day is here. It’s a day for girls to receive free gifts from their admirers or loved ones, and for boys to spend bucketloads of money buying roses and whatnots. For those who are very much single and available, don’t despair, because this is a day to celebrate your beautiful friendships with your friends, or to even celebrate