Un Pastiche

Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Cooked Flour Frosting

I felt like blogging today, and I’m currently doing so from my office computer (oops). As I don’t have access to my recent photos from here, I thought I should post about these cupcakes which I had made last year. Yes, last year, when I was busy baking what seemed like hundreds of cupcakes for the christmas charity bakesale. I very much enjoyed and relished the opportunity, because it meant

Chocolate Swirl Sour Cream Bundt #bundtamonth

I have been feeling a little ambivalent lately. Could it be my quarter-life crisis? I guess the problem mainly lies with the uncertainty I’m facing with my future, which direction I’m headed, where I’m going to be (literally and figuratively), and me being an obssessive compulsive list planner (and if you’re a regular blog reader you will definitely be aware of my many lists), I can’t help but feel a

Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Saccharine sweetness is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of sugar cookies. I have never bought sugar cookies myself, but have tasted a number of them during parties where the host orders a bunch of special cookies to celebrate the occasion. I don’t recall what designs or where the cookies were bought from, but the one thing that strikes me is the sweetness, and ironically, the blandness,

Vanilla Beans and Vanilla Sugar…and the Great Ocean Road

I can finally tick off the Great Ocean Road from my ‘places to visit’ list. It’s sort of a half-tick, because I didn’t exactly manage to visit all the sights that I had wanted to visit, and we only reached Port Campbell before doing a U-turn, because reality had to butt its ugly head in and I had to rush to Melbourne CBD to get some urgent documents couriered back

Three months on + a fragrant [vanilla bean] giveaway!

Boy I finally got a breather after a few weeks of intense reports, assignments, presentations and what-nots. Finally managed to indulge in some baking after having churned out more than 10,000 worth of words, and I only have one last report left to do before it’s time for the long-awaited exams! It’s long awaited because I’ve 2 full months of holidaying waiting for me after that =D I just took

A little update on my homemade vanilla extract

Time really flies, it really does. I first started making own homemade vanilla extract when I started the blog, and now, my blog is already 2 months old! I still remember thinking, gosh, it’ll take ages for the vanilla extract to start smelling like a real vanilla extract. Fast forward to today, 28 February – my vanilla extract is 2 months (+2 days) old and is ready to be used! And I’ve to

Pink Vanilla Bean Macarons, for Valentine’s

I’ve been thinking about macarons all week along, after my successful attempt with David’s macaron recipe here for my cousins on Chinese New Year. I knew I wanted something pink, for Valentine’s, and something heart-shaped, so the only thing left was to decide on the flavor of the shell and the filling! I hemmed and hawed, and finally decided on using my vanilla beans (so that I can put the pod

My Vanilla Project – Homemade vanilla extract

Vanilla has a hand in everything – ice cream, cookies, pies, cakes and even kuehs! For a long while, I was only acquainted with vanilla essence, which my mom used in her baking. My then non-inquisitive mind never did ponder about where this vanilla thing came from, until my jaunt overseas and I found out there were more expensive things called vanilla extracts and vanilla beans! Now that I’ve been